Dietrich KochSince the day I was part of a big band for the first time I am hooked to this special sound. On the academy of music my main interest was to to aquire the skills for composing and arranging. Throughout the years I have developed from being a musician, arranger and composer to being a bandleader as well. What helps me most is my great listening experience and the many years I have worked in all kinds of big bands with all kinds of leaders. The main target at my workshops is to have fun with the music. Only with fun you can get the most out of each band member. If you understand how to motivate your musicians, you will be able to make every band sound better than ever.

Weekend workshops to rehearse my own compositions and a selection of charts from the band’s repertoire.
Coaching of the whole band focussing on rhythm, articulation and blend.
Optionally we can integrate a workshop on improvisation, a lecture on the history of the big bands from the beginnings up to now, and/or body percussion.
Leading the band in concerts
Being a guest soloist for your band

References a.o.:  BerlinerJugendJazzOrchester (Youth Big Band of the State of Berlin, Workshop in fall of 2013), Great Danes Big Band (Copenhague/DK), Byens Big Band (Copenhague/DK)

Feedback by Torben Buus Larsen of Byens Big Band:

Dietrich is a very inspiring arranger and his fine compositions were a great challenge to the band. During the rehearsals in our two day workshop he made everybody feel comfortable by showing interest and concern for each individual band-member and by his warm and kind behaviour. He created and atmosphere of relaxation that made the band play at its best during the concert. His exiting latin compositions are now part of the band’s repertoire. It would be great to work with Dietrich again!


I am planning an open big band workshop for adults in summer of 2015. If you are interested, please send me an email to


Next big band workshops:

30th January until 1st February 2015: Uni Big Band Berlin (Collegium Musicum of Freie Universität and Technische Universität Berlin)
17th until 19th April 2015: Crocodile Princess Jazz Orchestra