Commissioned works:

•Writing lead sheets or full scores from music given as CD or Mp3 files or extending lead sheets to full scores.

•Composing music for lyrics and poems in the following languages in the style you wish: English, Spanish, French. Other languages only with translation into one of the languages mentioned above.
•Completion and/or extension of existing arrangements
Writing music on computer (Finale)
•Commisioned compositions of all kinds, including production

For sample notation, arrangements and compositions please visit the shop. There are also lots of Mp3-samples!

Composer and arranger for (a.o.):
Climate Earth Orchestra (24 piece orchestra, “symphonic funk rock”(!) and popular classics)
Martin Stempel & Band, vocal-jazz
Annette Kruhl (chanson)
Lothar Stadtfeld & Friends (soul & pop)
Berlin Big Band (contemporary jazz)

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